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Protect the children

You may have noticed that the Bible made the news headlines this week. The United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions quoted Romans chapter 13, which is about obeying civil authorities, to back up the Trump administration’s immigration policy, in particular the hotly disputed policy of separating children from their parents. That Bible verse was often […]

Making the best of things

1 Samuel 8:1-22 Her father was an alcoholic. Her mother worked most all the time. She had little choice. Her brother had recently been killed. Things were chaotic at home. She felt she had to get out. So she decided she could finish school later. After all, the guy she was dating had asked her […]

Being there

Psalm 139 Matthew 11:28-30 The last film which Peter Sellers made was Being There in 1980, and I don’t suppose it’s the one for which he’ll be most remembered. He played an intellectually challenged gardener whose entire knowledge of life came from watching television. It’s not the content of the film that caught my attention, […]

Who am I?

1 Samuel 3:1-10 Psalm 139 Galatians 2:15-21 The search for identity and purpose is all around us. You only have to look at the situation in Italy, as those with vastly different visions of what it means to be Italian compete to run the country. You only have to look at the Russian billionaire Roman […]

A faith to live by

John 3:1-17 You may have heard of a book called The Shack by William P. Young. Published in 2007, there are now well over 10 million copies in print. At the time of publication it raised a lot of questions among Christians. The book covers the story of Mack, who having lost his daughter from […]

The music of God

Matthew 28:16-20 Isaiah 40:12-17, 27-31 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 If you’ve come wanting a learned lecture on doctrine, you’ll be disappointed. If you’ve come expecting a history lesson, you’ll be disappointed. If you’ve come expecting scientific explanations or logic deductions, or things empirically provable, you’ll be disappointed. If you’ve come expecting not to understand a word […]

The Spirit of Reconciliation

When I was a child, our local cathedral was Coventry Cathedral. We weren’t Church of England and we didn’t go there all the time, but it was the local cathedral, and it was where we went from time to time. The cathedral was consecrated on 25 May 1962, so this the anniversary week. What you […]

Letting the air in

Ezekiel 37:1-14 Acts 2:1-21 It’s very easy to make three serious mistakes about Pentecost. The first is to assume that it doesn’t really apply in churches like this. We’re a middle-of-the-road church, people say. We’re not extreme. We’re not what is derogatively referred to as happy-clappy. We don’t all have our hands in the air […]

Working with Christ

Acts 1:1-11 Luke 24:44-53 Is the ascension a fictional story of something that couldn’t have happened, written by people in an age when they still thought the earth was flat, of no relevance to us today? Or is it – although impossible to explain in modern rational and scientific terms – a literal truth? The […]

Love is the touch

There was once a grumpy old man, who said that: “There are some people to whom I couldn’t warm to even if I were cremated with them!” Before we go any further, I ought to make it clear that Christians are not called to like everyone. The goes “They Will Know We Are Christians By […]