About Us

DSC_3980 (3)Farnham United Reformed Church is a church filled with life and hope, and a welcome for everyone.

We strive to welcome everyone, young and old.  Worship is at the heart of our life, and a variety of activities flow from that, as we try to nurture our faith and engage with the community around us, through our coffee bar, groups for children, and for older people.

Farnham United Reformed Church exists to worship God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the Reformed tradition, through which we believe that God calls and encourages us to show and to share God’s love with all people, and the rest of creation.

We endeavour to put this mission into practice by:
• Offering worship for all ages that seeks to lead everyone to an encounter with the Living God
• Helping people of all ages to learn and grow as Christians
• Responding as a good neighbour to people in need
• Seeking to make more followers of Jesus Christ
• Promoting issues of global peace and justice, and care for the environment
• Enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the community so as to celebrate God’s love and increase awareness of God’s presence
• Providing a welcome for all ages
• Vibrant and effective denominational and ecumenical relations